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Buying or Selling a Business
Buying, selling, merging or acquiring a business can be a tough process especially when it involves risks. Our professinal advisors with deep knowledge of the Cyprus and International market, can help you make the right decision purchasing, selling or when an exit strategy becomes neccessity.

Purchasing a business

• Consulting to identify suitable business, acquisitions or merger

• Assistance and advice to negotiate with the seller

• Ensure you are making the right decision for the right purchase

• Ensure you are entering the right agreement on acquisition

• Avoid risks and exposure when acquisition takes place


Selling a business

• Ensure you achieve highest price on negotiations

• Find appropriate buyers

• Assitance to maximize profit at the time of sale

• Ensure business operations are healthy through audit and assurance reports


Assistance with exit strategies

• Business evaluation with in-depth knowledge of the market and regulatory framework

• Solid evaluation and analysis of important key performance indicators – KPIs

• Make informed decisions considering the costs, benefits and the risks involved

• Expertise on countless negotiations for business sales and purchase of corporations

• Ensure you are entering the right agreement before an acquisition

• Decide on exit strategy and identify purchasers for selling a business

• Avoid loss of over-investment and unpleasant consequences

• Avoid exposure before an acquisition takes place


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