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TAX & VAT Advice
We provide professional tax and vat advice to individuals and companies in Cyprus about the objectives of corporate stetegic tax planning. Our advisors can help your company implement tax strategies which can potentially reduce your tax liability and improve your profitability.
• Help to submit personal tax returns according to your personal income.

• Help you to submit audited financial statements.

• Identify suitable opportunities and implement efficient tax strategies to protect wealth.

• Offer effective advice by taking into consideration the tax regulations and legislations.

• Provide professional knowledge and experience with the local tax system.

• Implement the proper structures to minimise capital gains tax.

• Personal advice to reduce your tax exposure.

• Help to submit personal tax returns according to your personal income.

• Assistance in dealing with tax authorities in the case of a minor error.


• Informed tax decisions that impact company’ tax liabilities.

• Efficient business tax planning for more effective business structures.

• Professional advice to minimize corporate tax liability with knowledge of different tax regimes.

• Preparation and submission of tax returns to the Registrar of Companies reflecting the affairs of the company and the transactions undertaken.

• Ensure preparation and submission of documentation with the tax authorities to avoid unnecessary penalties being imposed.

• Eliminate and deal with tax authorities on your behalf in case of error which can influence your coroporate tax liability.

• Helo you to submit audited financial statements

• Reduce tax liabilities by utilizing different tax structures from different juristictions.

• Offer broad range of structures to ensure long term sustainability, asset protection and fiscal growth through different tax strategies.

• Deal with V.A.T tax authorities for your company.

• Offer informed decisions on amendment V.A.T legislation which is constantly updated.

• Professional advice on both Cyprus and EU V.A.T legilsation that impacts your business

• Ensure your business remains in compliance with V.A.T legilsation by examining your V.A.T obligations.

• Implementation of V.A.T due diligence and performing V.A.T audits and appeal procedures.

• Provide assistance with V.A.T registrations and applications in Cyprus.


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